Green Means Go Partners with Westerly

Partnering with Westerly

Westerly is the most recent master-planned community from Southern Land Company with a “reputation for building beautiful places that make people’s lives better.” Located in Erie, CO, with “thoughtfully designed homes situated along beautifully inviting streetscapes”, it’s your inspiration for experiencing life at its best.

Wanting to set Westerly apart even more, their Vice President & General Manager, Heidi Majerik, enlisted me to spearhead, execute, and advance their Broker VIP Partnership Program. The program is an innovative initiative meant to raise awareness and connect with the real estate broker community. 

Above all, recognizing the importance of engaging brokers and encouraging on-site Sales Associates, the Westerly team and my company formulated a comprehensive plan that would propel it to unprecedented heights.

Westerly, a community with gorgeous views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Looking Ahead

The foundation of Westerly’s Broker VIP Partnership Program lies in fostering strong relationships with real estate brokers. As a result, through focus groups, exclusive events, and a first-class reward trip to visit their flagship community Westhaven, the Partnership Program provides brokers with insights into the community’s unique features and benefits it offers to potential buyers, as well as the story behind the award-winning developer. By actively participating in associations and hosting both on-site and off-site events, we have ensured that Brokers have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the community’s ethos.

Westerly Broker Focus Group

Broker VIP Partnership Program

Westerly epitomizes the future of master-planned communities. It showcases a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the highest standards of living. So naturally, it was important to match that level of excellence myself.

Above all, my goal as an expert consultant is to redefine the relationships in our current real estate landscape. I focus on creating an unrivaled broker outreach program that sets the benchmark for excellence in our industry. 

With Westerly’s and Green Means Go’s dedication to collaboration, continuous improvement, and a resident-centric approach, we are doing just that.

Westerly VIP Broker Partnership Program featuring an exclusive first-class trip to Nashville, TN to visit Southerland’s Flagship Westhaven Community.


Neneh joined our team about 8 months after our initial groundbreaking. At that point, we only had about 60 brokers in our database. After 6 months and 12 brokerage presentations that she facilitated, we grew our database to nearly 2,000! More than that, she taught me how to grow my confidence and abilities to take on outreach and marketing tasks on my own. We would never be in the position we are today without GreenMeansGo and Neneh.

~ G. Weil, Executive Assistant, Westerly